Frequently Asked Questions

We get countless emails on the daily.
The Ologite family is growing steadily and it warms our hearts.
We hope the following will quench your thirsty merch minds.
 - Shannon Feltus & Boni Dutch


All of the products in the Ologies merch store are made to order. This means less waste, less warehouse space, and that cozy custom feel that comes with each order. This also means time. Each order will take 4-14 days to produce from the moment you confirm your order, depending on the item. Items are created on weekdays. We ask that you factor this time in before placing your order to ensure you give yourself plenty of time for your special item(s) to be made, checked for quality, packed up and ready to ship to you and yours. 



Each clothing item includes size charts for your measuring pleasure. Please! We ask you to measure and re-measure your bods, or ask you giftee what size they feel most comfortable in typically, before you place your order. 

All merch with multiple options will have drop down menus. This includes mugs, totes, phone cases, etc, as well as clothing.  Please make sure you are choosing the correct option from the drop down menus before checkout.

Why is this SO important? Again, we make items TO ORDER. This means if (oops) you order the 9s phone case and you meant to order the 9, we cannot refund you or exchange for the correct item. As we have no backstock. We really can't stress the double check aspect enough. Let's not create any more unintentional items in the world, ammirite?

  • Ordered the incorrect item? Give it to a friend! Gift it up and look like a boss. Pass on that Ologies spirit.  
  • Ordered the CORRECT item and DID NOT get the correct thing at your doorstep? Hit. Us. Up. We got you. 



Once items go into production we have a very hard time correcting information that may have been entered incorrectly at checkout. Addresses and sizing changes are our biggest request. The window is so dang tiny we can never guarantee these changes. If you catch it RIGHT away, email us. You may get a reply from Shannon or Boni that lets you know that we all may have gotten super lucky. We do not get email alerts (because seriously friends... so many emails) but we do check and respond to emails during Ologies Hours in the order of urgency and fixability. 

  • Coupon codes for order discounts cannot be added after a transaction.
  • Refunds for unapplied coupon codes cannot be issued. 



Most orders arrive in grey or white recycled plastic mailer bags with an Ologies logo on the shipping label.

Time. It's a finicky thing. Let's all factor, in addition to the creation of your beautiful Science/Alie/Snarky/Fun themed item you just bought, the time it takes to get to your hands. Shipping takes a lil time, friend. Depending on which shipping method you chose, maybe a lil less time. Shipping costs and timelines are outside of our jurisdiction and are regulated by the postal world itself. 

If you live outside the U.S. your items may take longer, and cost more. And depending on some carriers we are unable to track your merch for you, past a certain point. Please contact your local postal service with your tracking number for up to date information. 

Other reasons to contact your postal service:

  • Package didn't arrive, but shows delivered via tracking number. 
  • Your shipping address was entered incorrectly during checkout but your package has already been shipped out. 

Once orders are gone, they are out of our hands. Like sending our babies off to college we hope with all of our hearts they are treated with love and care and reach their final destination. Shannon and Boni cannot refund orders that have been stolen from your doorstep (because we weren't there... we don't know you're not wearing your Ologite hoodie while claiming it never got there.) We just can't know! We have to trust tracking. It's all we have as we blow kisses to the departing Ologies wares.


Exchanges/ Returns

Broken records over here BUT... all Ologies merch is made when you place your order. We cannot exchange or return items based on sizing, or choosing an item other than the intended. 

We cannot exchange the gift you received. Your Ologies soulmate was super thoughtful. But we keep asking them to ask you for your size and input. And again, your gift was made to order. 

What can we do? Send you a replacement of your exact ordered if:

  • your order is received broken
  • the package contains the wrong merch entirely
  • your item has a crazy defect

Email us photos along with your order number and we will 100% make sure you get the good-goods in a timely fashion. It is rare, and we never want it to happen to you. 


Make These Things!

So many ideas get sent to us. So many amazing things that we are adding to our lists. We can't make it all. We just can't. Somethings are limited to stock and manufacturing. Other things just don't fit the Ologies lifestyle. Either way, we appreciate you and your juicy brain full of "ooooh, you know what would be sweeeeet?" Cause it really would be. Sweet. 

New items are put up somewhat seasonally. Some leave, never to return again. 

The coming and going of new merch is up to Dad Ward, with pokes and ideas and wheels turning by all three of us. We hear you. We see you. We think you're awesome. 


Are Enamel Pins Coming Back?

"Some leave. Never to return again."

Yes. The pins. Enamel pins came in hot and sold out. Fast. For those who snagged the early store items as a legit OG Ologite, consider them collectors items for now! They were awesome. We all love them. But they are not in the store. Anymore. 


Oh Canada!

You may have felt like we were talking about you up in the shipping/ tracking section. You could be right. We are finding that Canadian post has not been our helpful buddy. Sometimes orders are so delayed it feels as though they'll never arrive. The shipping carrier seems to send Ologites back to us, stating we will have answers for lost, stolen, delayed packages. We do not. We have the same tracking number we sent to you, and we have the same blackout in viewing the whereabouts as you. Once it crosses into lovely maple country, from Europe or United States, it's sometimes static. We apologize for the limited availability in our carrier options for our friends up north. We are always looking for ways to make it easier to get our goods to you. 

We love you Canada. And we appreciate you so much. 

But that shipping company! OOF! 



Still have Questions? Email your Ologies Merch Team!