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For Ologiphiles who can't get enough of the world's many disciplines,

here's a way to celebrate both the podcast and curiosity in general.

Remember: Ask Smart People Stupid Questions... because we're all gunna die anyway. Is that too weird? Eh.

Ologies Originals

Drawn by Dad-Ward herself, this collection features everything you need to let the world know you are a supporter of Ologies Podcast.

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Return Policy

Thank you for looking at all the fun science themed wares! We love seeing you all rock all the goods with pride. A few notes about returns the Ologies Merch Team would like to promote: Most of these cool items are made to order: totes, tees, mugs and more. So the moment you buy an item that order is created JUST FOR YOU!

We ask for you to double check your sizes with the size charts provided and color options on drop downs BEFORE you purchase. If you catch something right after you order you can message us and we can try to fix it before it's created and shipped- no problem. But if you get order something in a size that does not suit you to your liking, we unfortunately cannot accept returns or do exchanges for another size because our manufacturer says "Hey... they orrrrrdered THAT size." and we don't have backstock of other sizes printed, waiting to be exchanged. 

If you received a MUG, but ORDERED a TEE SHIRT we will always make that right.

We hope that by working together and being mindful and measuring our amazing bods, we can avoid any return or exchange requests in the future.